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Why Madrone is the Best

Madrone Firewood is an excellent firewood choice. This dense wood has a unique smooth bark that makes madrone one of the best firewood types available. It burns hotter and longer requiring less firewood to heat your home. Saving you money over the course of the winter.

Description of Firewood

All our firewood is cut 14” - 16” in length with a max of 8” in diameter.

Split wood is then run through a tumbler and cleaned of small debris. 

Campfire Load or Multiple Cords of Split Firewood

Call for seasonal pricing.

Firewood in a Bag

* one bag is approximately 1/3 of a cord

* can easily be put in the back of of your pickup or trailer

Convenient, breathable, storage bags. Saves time and energy. Breathable bags allow wood to dry and season. Makes pick up more organized and efficient.


$10 each bucket load


$10 per bucket load

Contact us with any questions. Delivery options available upon request.


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